Saturday, 21 May 2011

Circus wonder and dreams

I saw this trailer for a movie "Water for Elephants" in December last year (click on bottom trailer 01 first), and with all it's 1930s circus costumes and tinkly music (and Robert Pattinson hee! hee!) I could not wait to see the movie! I love costumes, theatrics, circuses, days of steam engines, big wild animals, tragic love stories, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz (the one who played the evil guy in 'Inglorious Basteards') star in it, and the story reminded me of Big Fish, which is one of my most favourite of favouritest movies ever. And after six long months, it's finally out!

I'm seeing it next week. I pre-bought the cinema ticket, so I could enter a competition too where the prize is a circus themed trip to New York! How amazing and cool would that be?! The 'in 25 words or less' question that went with the comp entry was: "If you ran away with the circus what would your talent be and why?".

I immediately thought about what Cat and Rabbit's talented tricks would be if they joined a circus.

Because it just happened that Tim and I started writing a story book early this year about Cat and Rabbit going to the circus. Tim's doing the layout and composition, and I'm going to add in all the detail and old school paint. It's a project that we started, put to the side, forget about for awhile, dig it up again, talk about it, try to work on it again, etc etc. It's actually a script I wrote for Cat and Rabbit a few years ago, to be made into an animated short as part of a cartoon series funding application. We never got the funding, but the story is still worthy of being told.

So anyway, if Cat and Rabbit joined the circus, Rabbit would do a disappearing act, and Cat would do some odd 'juggling a bowl of fish on his head while walking a wire' trick.

Aw aren't they cute?....

Tim drew them too, I love his interpretation of the tricks, especially the cat's fish's hoop and Rabbit escaping in the distance. Ha!ha!ha!

We really should get back to working on the book and make a deadline to finish it in a couple of months hey?!.


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