Here are the first 10 pages of Spooky Doll Kids, the "What's Eating Brownie?" a stop-motion short animated film I made back in 2004. I'll do up a couple of other stories soon, one I've written called "Unravelly" and maybe another that I have a general story idea for, that might be called something like "The Caterpillar Competition". But for now, here's revisiting the original story I did in 2004. The whole film can be watched at the end of the 10 pages. Just scroll right down. Enjoy!

Here are some snippets of a sequence I cleaned up (roughed out by the lead). I had so much fun drawing Maddie (the little koala). Little animals are definately my favourite. It's not the full sequence since it was 17 pages all up, so I've tried to show a variations of shots.

The FINAL episode of Pixel Pinkie (Season2)! These are only snippets, but if you don't want to know anything about the end of Pixel Pinkie, don't read any further.  The pages jump ahead quite a bit, it would take up WAY too much space if I put the whole sequence up, so I've just chosen some amusing poses and faces of Pinkie and Nina