Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ducks and burgers in Kings Park

Last weekend Tim and I went for a little picnic lunch at Kings Park with Mum, Rol & Waan, and Sophie. We were all too busy with our own projects to put together a nice home-made picnic lunch, so I organised to take everyone's order and pick up a burger each for us all from the newly opened 'Jus' burgers in Northbridge (next to 'Kakulas' on William Street).

Now, know that burgers are one of my favourite meals. No, not the fast food kind with fluffy bread and iceberg lettuce. But the good, home-made gourmet type. I'm so glad Perth is starting to catch up with other cities, and now there's more than the odd place to get a gourmet burger takeway.

Jus Burgers are one of my favourite and I was looking forward to this picnic lunch since mid-week.

We found a nice shady spot in the more quiet and greener location where Ben Folds had a symphony concert a few years back, where there are rolling green slopes that meet at a large lake with many free ducks wandering around, and one of the ducks laughed at Ben Folds telling a joke before the punch line came, and another duck did a sudden low fly over the whole seated crowd, giving everyone a poo dropping fright.

Oh those funny ducks.

The afternoon was lovely, the first bite of my burger was delicious, and I had a nice hot mocha too. One duck hung around us and kept circling, waiting for a food scrap, and even nibbled our shoes now and then.

Sophie is now at the stage of grabbing things that are crinkly, shiny, colourful, small, anything within hands reach really. My jumper had a metallic thread through it so it was slightly sparkly, and Sophie stared intently at it before pulling my jumper in grabs with her tiny little fists.

And then suddenly something struck at my blind side and in an instant my burger was knocked out of my hand. Before I knew what had happened, I saw the back of duck, tail waddling left to right, already ten metres away, the whole top piece of my burger, the wonderful thick, turkish bread, in it's duck bill, and it's fat duck bottom running at top speed as it made off with more than half my burger! I had only taken two bites!

Tomatoe and avocado went all over my jumper and jeans and the organic beef was on the grass along with the duck poop. And in my surprise I had knocked over my coffee. The duck had totally stole my burger! Out of my hand! My awesome burger I had looked forward to all week!!!! MY BURGER!!!!

I was staring open mouth, shocked, but mostly dismayed, as we watched the duck FLYING off and away in the distance still with the whole big piece of bread in it's mouth

The duck even had the nerve to come back 20mins later! I could still see the pieces of bread crumbs and possibly wasabi mayo on the side of it's face >:(

post note you know an interesting development has come about from this incident. I used to love chinese crispy skin roast duck. It's a delicacy of sorts because of all the tastey duck fat and flavour (and expense)...but after being mad at the duck for stealing my burger, at a Chinese restuarant a few weeks later, staring a plate of roast duck wheeling around on the lazy-susan, I suddenly felt that losing my burger was nothing compared to the duck that lost it's poor life to get roasted and end up on a restaurant table. So I didn't touch the roast duck that night. A bit too over-analytical? haha maybe and maybe I'll never eat duck again, they're totally skin (fat) and bone anyway.


Clayton McIntosh said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm sorry but it makes for a good read.

We bought a 50/50 duck feather/duck pelt? quilt the other day... and then I went to Uni and I swear the ducks were eyeing me off. I reckon they knew what I was up to.

Jamie said...

You gotta sorta kinda respect a duck that bullsy.