Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Life drawing - blue eyed blondes

I managed to get Tim to come along to Monday's life drawing at UWA this week, with the suggestion of getting Jus Burgers afterwards (the burger I have been craving since losing my last one to the duck at King's Park). It was great as I forget how cool his gritty pencil style looks on his life drawing pictures, I really miss seeing them there.

The model was Sophie who we have never had before. She had these beautiful, piercing, blue eyes like Milla Jovovich, and I was only sorry I couldn't capture the colour of them in a line penned drawing.


Speaking of blue eyes and blonde hair, I am just waiting for the Queen with her perpetual frowny, fainting brow in HBO's Game of Thrones (scroll down the right hand side to see episodes, or read about the different house factions with the right tab) to be busted for producing all her blonde haired, blue eyed children. Well that was my guess a few episodes ago, that seems to be slowly unfolding finally in episode 6. Oh so slooooow! My theory was that the blonde haired, blue eyed Lannister kids in the palace, are the plain evidence of the Queen and her twin brother's, er, wrong-doings.


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