Sunday, 12 February 2012

These boots are made for walking

in the streets of Paris in Winter.

This has been my best buy ever! After 4 days of aching soles and close to chillbained toes, what had become a dread each morning to pull my thin wooden soled Wittner boots, has become something to look forward to as i steps into these French babies. i LOVE these boots so much!

Yesterday, after doing the daytime river cruise and going up a tower at Montparnesse, both of which involved standing shivering in the cold for an hour, feet in continual pain from the cold geound, i made it a mission to purchase a pair of Parisien heavy duty fashion boots. we ventured to the huge "Galerie Lafayette", which is like David Jones, only 10 x larger, and not unlike those super shopping galleries in KL, only more fancier. The whole bottom floor is devoted to more than 25 different boutique shoe sections.

Since it is the last month of Winter there are "soldes" or sales everywhere of boots. i got these perfect half leather, furry, ankle boots with tyre-like treaded soles and cushioned insoles, by French fashion shoe brand "Jovak" down 50%.

More on what we've seen and done in Paris later as i figure out how to get photos from my camera onto this ipad.

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