Monday, 2 May 2011

Life drawing - tattoos

This is the one of Clint, a lean, mean looking fella, who was actualy really very nice, almost quiet spoken and runs his own photography business, Notion Photography in Perth. And in talking to him afterwards about self made businesses, art, and whatnot, he was telling me about his housemate who was submitting a full-on animation film application that week. And it turned out that this animation project was in fact the same one that week that I was helping out a new friend of a friend's with (yes, yes, I know some people remember me saying I've sworn off animation, so more about this later). So in other words this new friend I had several meetings with that week, was housemates with this Monday's nude life model I just met. It's a small world.

Oh, and on the subject of tattoos, fantastic for nude life drawing! And nice when they're on the toned bicep of guys - yes, common place I know, but sexy all the same.

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The Ginger Fox said...

thankgod for wineglasses and cigarettes... thats would just be too much clint for me :)