Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday's heroine

I was supposed to do some more pics for superhero/villain drawing week, in my free time-while I'm not working on marketing/branding/design stuff for the Portraitures business that is.

Well here's one that I really wanted to do, even though Mrmerks already beat me to it and drew her on his list. I had to draw Modesty Blaise, because it was one of the only comics I read when I was a kid. We got the newspaper everyday, and of course comics were what I flipped to as a kid, and I loved the Modesty Blaise strip so much that for a long time I used to cut out and collect every strip with the idea that if I stuck them altogether in a scrapbook I'd have a complete comic story. It never occurred to me as a kid that I could easily buy it later. After a year or two, I vaguely remember throwing it all away in the end because there were too many gaps where I was missing one or two days so I'd never have the complete story.

I also remember thinking how interesting the Modesty Blaise story managed to be in only three panels, every day. It always seemed to advance the story enough to hook you, and leave you with a hang, with just three panels. And I loved the way it was drawn. Modesty Blaise, no other heroine like her, so womanly, and classy, but so fearless, casual and precise.

This week has been a real struggle for me. I couldn't get away from the feeling that everything I was doing was pointless. And I can't get over something that I agreed to do. Something that I HATE DOING so much and makes me SO ANGRY I want to break and smash things...I guess that's why I've spent most of the week being self-destructive rather than constructive. I guess the feeling of pointlessness was brought on by this thing I agreed to do but I hate so much...

But in the bigger scheme of things, this work I have to do but makes me angry, - is really quite unimportant and I have to do it for practicality.


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