Monday, 7 February 2011

Lunar Year of the Rabbit =:x

Happy Chinese New Year folks. Yay it's the Rabbit!

Although I'm Horse, with so many rabbits in my life, this Lunar Chinese year has got to be especially special and lucky for us all. This is my rabbit Alice. It was high time I did her portrait! She is now around 6 years old.

I painted Alice wearing an adaptation of garments by Alannah Hill and Zimmermann, two fine Australian fashion designers who I LOVE but can rarely afford! Unless it's off ebay or Melbourne's clearance outlets, and even then I can barely afford them. You can see the original Zimmermann dress that I spied, here on ebay:
It costs $262 second hand.

I should mention I have a bit of a problem with ebay. It's my vice.

I LOVE that it is a doorway into a whole world of second hand, pre-loved, normally expensive things that are often near new, and often less than a third of the retail prices. Sometimes even less than a quarter! Hello, fashionable recycling! I'm glad to be apart from the throwaway society.

But endless hours of window shopping and the ease of clicking "bid now" and the satisfaction of nabbing a sale. One could say it can turn into a little addiction. So I made it one of my resolutions this year to "spend $0 on ebay". It was great the first few weeks that I kept my resolve, but now it's broken.

I will make some new Lunar Rabbit Year's resolutions.
1.  No bidding on ebay this Lunar year.
2.  Do an animal portrait every week day for a year. (is that too crazy?)

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