Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Belated Halloween jellybaby cheer

About two years ago when I was in Hobart, I started writing a few jellybaby four panel cartoon strip, you know like the "funnies" comics you get in the newspaper. These were mostly in draft lead pencil form. When I started doing my post grad studies at the beginning of this year, I got more snippets of comic strip ideas for the jellybabies while I was sitting in my lectures listening about Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The jellybabies were such a great voice for my more serious, political/environmental pondering. I was so inspired that I began finishing some of the comic strips to 'publish', and one of the first ones I wanted to put up for show, happend to be this Halloween themed one. But it was for Halloween.

So I have been hanging onto it for so long, waiting ALL YEAR for Halloween to come round so I could post it up.

And then Halloween came, and it is now a few days later, and I realised I have totally forgotten about my Halloween four panel comic!!!
But I'll be damned if I have to wait a whole 'nother year to roll round, so here it is. Hope everyone had a spectacularly spooky and quirky Halloween.
And I hope everyone reads this comic strip!

* thanks to those who gave me the feedback. I've left the version that had the better timing :) 


Rabbit said...

Oooooh! Love it Rosey. The characters are just so cuute! Love the limited colour palette too. Also my vote goes to Panel 01. Just flows better for me I guess :)

David said...

Definitely the first one - that pause in the third panel is the goods.

Anonymous said...

Good one.I like the first one.the pause before the final panel is great!

Clayton McIntosh said...

Hey hey... awesome! The first one is a much better comic. The pause and the pose of the 'rich' kid (jelly?) in the 3rd panel. And the gag is much easier to get.

How do you do these? scan them in and organize them in photoshop?

Mr Trivia said...

I join the consensus that the first strip is better and the pause frame is the reason. However, I'm not sure you need three responses in the final frame. I think two responses might play better.