Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wickett the punk

For all those with guinea pigs, feed them capsicum daily!

Apart from Olive, Wickett was one of the first cartoon portraits I painted, for the same reason of remembering how much personality the little creature had. I framed it and gave it to my mum, but I wasn't totally pleased with how it looked. Wickett was an abyssinian guinea pig, which meant his hair grew in different directions, making him so cute, because in particular, his hair grew backwards on a crest on his head like big punk.

So I did another version today as a wicked James Dean style punk (the vet clinic had misheard my mum and wrote down his name as "Wicked"). He did bully and push round Cookie (the other remaning guinea pig) a lot and since he died young, if he were a person I'm sure he would have had a diet of smoke and coke. Aw poor Wickett, r.i.p.

Wickett was one of the guinea pigs that Mum and I 'adopted' from my brother and sister in law a few months back. Unfortunately after half a year, Wickett got pneumonia plus his teeth had grown bad from Vitamin C deficiency making his jaw tissue loose. He stopped eating and for two weeks I hand fed him twice a day with antibiotics, powdered vitamin C, and critical care food from the vet. It was middle of Winter and I never use a heater in the house, but for Wickett, I kept him in my work room with the heater on day and night. He seemed to get better a couple of times, but at the end of third week, he suddenly got worse and his breathing was so laboured and he looked so uncomfortable. 8 hours, or even 1 hour is WAY too much for one little guinea pig to be gasping for every breath. Mum and I were so sad when he died, he was such a funny, cute little thing, and I think it was so sad because he was not particularly old either.

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