Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Italian Poodles wearing Hats and Spats under an Olive Tree!

Here is the finished painting for a lovely lady and her Italian poodles, Luigi and Dominic. I just handed it to her today and she was so thrilled with much hugs and laughter. I was a bit nervous about the commission at the start (it's the biggest size I've done as I tend to work small and without background). But I'm so happy with how the painting turned out, I felt I depicted Luigi and Dominic to a tee. They are both so fuzzy, gorgeous and funny!

Both the dogs are totally gorgeous, and here are a few of the things I was told about Luigi and Dominic (and what I could see when I met them beforehand too):
Luigi was the older brother and his demeanor was like a Count, and the younger brother Dominic was totally subserviant, very "Servante". Dominic was a bit of a lovable dork with his wider snout and the way he held his head down all the time. And the Olive tree in the painting was a special addition as Olive groves were special to her.

Now that I've got this first commission successfully done, onto number two. Another poodle, I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Love it, so so good .x

tilcheff said...

It's an awesome painting, Rosey!
How exciting!!
:) :) :)