Monday, 20 September 2010

Olive's Portrait

This is a finished watercolour painting I did last Friday, in a series of paintings I am doing for a project I'm gonna call "Pet Portraits". Anyone who's ever had their own pet to take care of, knows how they become like your little buddy and an honourary member of the family.

So when the little creatures have to leave, sometimes it feels like it's not enough to have only photos to say 'it was here'. And it sure feels not enough to say to a friend 'oh I'm sorry to hear that' when they're weeping over the dog of 12 years that just died.

I know my animals have lived a lot larger lives than some photos can ever show and done more funny things than people will ever realise.

So to do her justice, this is a portrait of my first lop-eared rabbit "Olive" who has been gone now for a couple of years. She always looked fierce and naughty, chewed on everything, didn't like other rabbits, and always wanted attention. She was like a rough, tough, kicking street urchin.


Lana said...

I love the portrait. Although I never had the pleasure of properly knowing Olive or her personality, I think from what you've told us you've captured her perfectly here. I so agree with what you said...I still miss Jack :~( He'll be a part of my heart forever. Olive passed away around July 2006 didn't she?

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Rosey said...

Yeah nice try spam autobot! to the person who devised you, all I can say is Wow, pity your spambot can't read or it would have seen my email address, and that I draw better than a write.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really delighted to find this. Good job!