Friday, 21 October 2011

Non Pet Portraits for Halloween

 These paintings are large, darker (in mood but still humourous I hope), and not pets!


I joined a group Exhibit with a few other Perth artists, to show some original artwork at Little Creatures. We have four exhibitions spread througout the time 'til mid 2012. This first one is called "Bestiolas" being the greek word for 'little creatures'.

After doing a few initial 'arty' ideas for big paintings, I scrapped them and went with my pet portraits style, and decided to go with the feeling of 'beast', since this exhibition is over Halloween. And chose to do the Halloweeny animals, the ultimate black cat, a Panther, and an owl, although techinically not an owl, but a frogmouth, an albino Tawney Frogmouth. Both are some of my favourite animals that I'd never get to do as a pet portrait, because who has a panther or a tawney frogmouth as a pet? *.

The opening night was on Wednesday and it went fabulously with many people coming through and a packed out Little Creatures. I brought along Tim and my parents came too, and we managed to grab a table later into the night and had some great woodfired pizza and White Rabbit beer. 

If you're ever at Little Creatures in Fremantle over the rest of October or first half of November, look out for the poster as you enter the main eatery/pub entrance, and immediately to the right are stairs that lead up to the loft section, open to the public. The hidden wall is where all our art is hanging. Check it out. My portraits are MUCH better in real life. They are meant to be seen in a frame, coveredf in shiny glass on a wall. Not the same as a hand sized digitial picture on your computer screen!

My originals are not available for sale, but print editions (limited to 100) can be bought, which will be professionally giclee printed on beautiful expensive watercolour paper, it will look as great as the original. And part of the profit goes to the Oncology Unit in Perth.

*  > :(  Who else is as appalled as I am over that shooting of more than 18 great exotic cats and a wolf in America because a mentally unstable man was allowed to collect them in Ohio for his own personal zoo, only to abandon in suburbia, so that they had to be shot down and killed for the safety of people. For a Western nation, what selfish and irresponsible Laws they have over there.

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