Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday round up people watching work etc

Just to round up the week and catch up on stuff, here's people sketches in my sketchbook from August I forgot to post back then. I need to get a smart phone or something.

Top: Cottesloe Beach Perth WA. It's going to be 28 and 33 degrees this weekend! Beach weather :D but there was a shark death (as in large shark sighting, prior to an elderly swimmer disappearance now presumed taken by the shark) just the other morning so the beach might be closed. I've heard sharks are alright, unless you attract them...the man was a regular Cottesloe ocean swimmer and knew the risks, he was swimming 30 metres away from the shore. Tim and I are going to Rottnest next week for a few days for an laid back getaway. I was hoping to get some snorkling in. If I stay within standing depth I should be ok right? Hmm, maybe we'll just stick to the bike riding.

Middle sketch: Beaufort Street Merchant in Mt Lawley. Lots of gorgeous people to spy and draw. There was a lady with fushia pink hair in a pony tail and perfect bangs. Gorgeous style! There was also this funny baby and his two hip dad's, (or Dad and Uncle? but in my head it made a good sitcom as two hipster dads) sitting directly next us on the other side of the window pane. So the baby kept looking at me and smiling, making gummy faces, I think it was copying my chewing. I was eating a friand sugar dusted lemon cupcake thing that was DIVINE.

Bottom sketch: Dome in Applecross again. Tim was drawing his "Bacon Bros" (worth a look!) and got one in on my page, even though I've been off bacon for awhile, hence the "N-O". There was an older, asian lady that had a dragon looking face if you know what I mean. I thought she was cradling her gucci handbag at first, but it turned out to be her grandbaby. The baby of one of her proud, arrogant looking (but uninteresting) daughters sitting at the table. They were all wearing black, gold, and no smiles. Yes, I totally judge asian peopl :P It's my right because I'm asian myself and unconventional (which I know in their eyes, would equate to being misfortunate). 

I'm working on two things at the moment, concept illustration for a Western Australia frog story, phone app for some producers who are pitching to Fremantle Press Monday. And two paintings for a group art exhibit called "Bestiolas" at Little Creatures Fremantle that has to be in by the weekend. Argh! Better get onto it.

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