Monday, 10 October 2011

Life drawing UWA Lenny

We've only had this model twice at UWA, the first set of drawings are from last year 2010 October, and then again earlier this year January.
The best thing I liked about drawing Lenny was he had awesome hair to draw. Hair on the head. Nice and thick, I like drawing texture with the ball point pen. Nice hair, see?

Plus he brought a couple of props, a tie and vest. For the warm up 3 minute poses he tied the tie around his head like rambo, it was great (but pity it was short I don't get a complete sketch).

Ok and the obvious, his physique was ace, especially when he did a boxing pose for us all which was a great treat, as it was a hard one to hold for 15 minutes and we have never had a model do that pose before.

My fellow sketcher Jane told us she asked a female model once if she could do a boxing pose and the model replied "I don't do fighting poses, I'm a lady" or something to that effect. We all found that quite funny. And fair enough I guess, each model has their own style.

I think this Lenny guy did some kind of martial arts... you know I used to do kickboxing and ninjukai taijitsu. Kickboxing was great, I loved it, so raw and gritty. Ninja, not so fun, and I didn't enjoy it much at all. But these are stories for another day.



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