Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rottnest at last

I have been wanting to go to Rottnest for a holiday again for ages.

The last time I went was more than ten years ago, but I've been there five times in the past and I have great memories of the place. I went there as a kid two years in a row with my friend and her parents, and later on our own when we were past high school, and then for third year University Zoology camp.

It's one of my favourite WA places when it's not crowded. Some people view Rottnest aa a cheap alternative, when one can't afford to holiday overseas. But to me it's an ocean ferry ride (the rougher the seas the more fun), haven of no cars, bicycling around for hours (exploring), amazing snorkling, and coastal wilderness. I love that there is no traffic there, I love the scrub wilderness, and the wide roads all around the island are pretty much claimed for the bikinis and bikes.

So finally I organised for Tim and I to take a break there for a few days last week. My agenda for our time there was to cycle a lot, sleep a lot, draw some landscapes, and snorkle.


Unfortunately there was another shark attack fatality just the day before, so all the beaches were closed until further notice.   

We rode around half of the island for a few hours, stopping at a few places lighthouse, beaches, and saw four helicopters patrolling, no doubt trying to hunt down the poor shark.

Checked into our holiday unit, which I had chosen as bungalow. They now come refurbished with kitchen goodness, and a private outhouse toilet and shower, while still maintaining it's beach house feel.

 Lizard welcome behind the front door.

 Welcome Swallows in the toilet outhouse.

Tim was spent. I was revved up for more and wanted to ride to the West end of the island and back. But instead I walked to the general store, bought a few things and painted my nails, and had a nice girlie chillout time while Tim slept.

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