Friday, 9 September 2011

two Perth zoo days

Zoo Friday! Well actually it was yesterday. We spent some time inside the large Australian bird walkthrough, where there were plenty of interesting characters to draw. The purple capped green parrots were so funny with their stubby short tail. Actually, remembering my friend's (and amazing-astounding wildlife photographer) post on young parrots, they were probably juniors and they're tails will grow out. They were so funny, they looked like they were walking around in short, harem trackie pants.

Tim and I had a classic afternoon at the zoo with icecream at the end. The past year we've been going to the zoo, I totally forgot about the ice-cream! That used to be the cherry on top of the end of the zoo trip when my parents took my brothers and I when we were little.

Plus it was the same price as a coffee, and I got to choose two scoops so I got bannana and chocolate. It tasted like those kookaburra Billabong icecream poles and it totally made me feel like a happy kid again.

Speaking of kookaburras, the last time we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, it was near closing time and we were rushing past the back end of the zoo and nearly walked past this fellow sitting on a low sign.

insert kookaburra sketches here

It was so great and cool seeing one of these birds close up (and not in a cage), it was only 1 meter away! They're really quite large and funny looking.

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