Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bring on the fashion Cape

I spend most of my time inside the house in front of the computer, checking the share market, selling stuff on ebay, email/networking, scanning drawings, sketching and painting (I have no other table).

The point is, it's 10 degrees colder inside the house than it is outside, and in Winter wearing three layers topped with a bomber jacket and a scarf doesn't cut it when I'm trying to work. My clothes are that bulky, the circulation to my arms are cut off every time I bend at the elbow to hold the mouse. I have worn less layers and try to power through the cold, drinking hot tea, and end up sneezing, sniffling and verging on catching a cold.

I need something thick that covers my neck, back and chest, but keeps my arms free...a poncho!!! A quick look on ebay, I found some very modern, cool looking ponchos from fashion labels like Sportsgirl, Country Road, FCUK, so modern that they are called capes, because they are kind of like a fusion of the poncho and cape with extra bits like pockets and hoods.  When I told Tim capes were in fashion, before I could explain, his expression was an interested "Really?!" and I knew he was thinking like Cat in the above comic. I had to disappoint by explaining, 'fashionable' capes.

This solves the other downside of working as a creative at home. I was chatting to friends recently and there's something about working at home or in a studio as an artist in Winter without a heater, we end up feeling like a bum. Grubby and miserable, even after a hot shower and a change of clothes. Maybe it's because wearing tailored, sharp clothes is counter productive when sitting at an easel or desk, animating scenes all day. These capes on the other hand are casual, but pretty chic and cool me thinks.

So I am caping it up at the moment and ended up getting the Country Road "Hooded Sweat Cape" off ebay for only $26, a quarter of the retail price! Check out the Ralph Lauren one that retails at $1,298!!!! (jaw drop) although you can get it for a mere $230usd on ebay, it IS cashmere I guess and it must be made in France instead of China. All these capes I priced off ebay by the way, are second hand, but in totally brand new condition, only worn once or twice. Don't add to landfill, buy and sell on ebay folks!

So I am wearing my cape right now as I type this. In fact I've been wearing this cape everywhere, everyday since it came in the mail last week. Coldness diverted and I can happily do my work now without feeling like a grumpy, cold grub. The cape saves the day.

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