Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Life drawing UWA Two opposite Pauls

I almost didn't go to life drawing yesterday because I thought it was a senior model Paul from a few weeks back.


Nothing wrong with drawing wrinkly skin and bone, but I've drawn him before and I like to have variation in my sketchbook.

But I just had to get out of the house, I had a productive busy day since 7.30am, getting heaps done and even got a new pet portrait order, a lovely 2 year old black Schnauzer named Jemima. You know how it is, when you JUST CAN'T STAND being in the house one more minute, and especially want to be gone before anyone comes home. Yes? No?

I felt good and bad at the same time. Happy and sad. Do you know what I mean? Like there was a mania waiting for me somewhere. And then later that night when I got out of the car I saw my moon shadow, cast by the bright light of the full moon. Well, what do you know! There is some truth to the full moon creating that restless, manic feeling.

The model for life drawing turned out to be a different Paul, totally opposite to old Paul. So I was pretty pleased I went.



Rabbit Town Animator said...

Love your stuff Rosey and your post is a great read. I have been feeling vewry restless and jittery lately and it's affecting my work a bit. I went shopping today for a few hours and felt immensely better after it. Your sketches make me want to go back and do life drawing though. Keep it up! And am glad to hear you got another pet portrait order.

Air said...

So who hold a wine glass ?