Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cafe people sketching break


Out for a late cafe lunch yesterday, enjoying the people watching and sketching more than the lunch. First break in a while, after finishing a third pet portrait painting in a row this month. Still not enough that I can do anything with the pocket money, but enough that it keeps me painting. I'll post all three up next week after they've been given to their various surprise gifteees (present recievers? birthday people? you get the idea).

I'm back in the sharemarket trading game again. It's a bit like intelligent gambling. And unfortunately hard to keep one's mood and stress levels mutually exclusive to the rise and falls. Today was not a good day for all shares, even my usually dependable rock NCM (Newcrest Mining) went down.

2pm was a good time to sit in the cafe, people coming and leaving in ones and twos.  

Elderly couples sitting down having a quiet lunch. 

A young, hip, girl (Uni student?) that had gorgeous wide dark eyes, catching up with her friend. 

An animated, plump lady who came with a brightly gift wrapped gerbera flowers for her waiting friend (birthday catchup). 

A thin, solo lady who heartedly chomped on a burger and fries, while flipping through some documents. A solo young lady with a lots of curley hair bunched on a her head, who was engrossed in a novel while drinking a coffee and left sooner after. 

A very old lady and her very old husband who reminded me of Bilbo baggins, but then he moved seats so his face was covered up by a menu, so Tim finished the drawing off for me. 

A gorgeous mother with high cheekbones, expensive sunglasses perched on her head of straightened hair and wearing pointy stilleto boots and a trenchcoat, and her daughter who looked plain in comparison, wore an unenthusiastic expression on her face, her shoulders slumped in her school uniform with school backpack, the mother looked like she stepped off a model shoot, rather than from school to pick up her daughter, and the way she kept looking around at everyone in the cafe made it seem like she was mostly conscious of her perfect hair and taut complexion rather than her daughter, maybe she was an Aunt? But then there was that familiarity like when the lady/mother went to the bathroom and came back, the girl automatically picked up her purse and keys for her without a change in expression and they left. 

My favourite was this older lady who had her hair up in an impressive towering beehive, and black cat eye glasses, and a large, rotund torso-middle section yet she wore tight leggings on legs that tapered down to pins with rubber flip flops at the end. She walked around in good spirits and talked like she meant business, and when she got her takeaway coffee, she raced out the door like she had an important something to get back to.          


Kerry-Jean Watson said...

I used to do that about 13 years ago when the Dome was on the corner :)

Rosey said...

Nice, are you with the sketch group on fb? btw i looove your teacup collection, so cool and totally gorgeous! Love them! (I couldn't comment on your blog without a wordpress id it seems).