Sunday, 25 September 2011

Portrait of a Miniature Schnauzer

This is Jemima, an adorable Miniature Schnauzer who likes cushions (pulling then apart).
It's the latest pet portrait I painted over the last week, and I had the pleasure of meeting Jemima (and her lovely owners Steve and Alison) when I went to hand the portrait over to them on Friday.

Jemima was tiny, acrobatic, very vocal, and so cute in real life. I had met a Miniature Schnauzer once before, a little young black one too who in contrast was very quiet, gentle, and almost cat-like. I didn't realise there could be such a difference in personailty accross the same breed!

Jemima barked loudly and growled at me (in excitement I hope) and then would run up to me, paws on my knees, and affectionately lick my hand with her little tongue, before running off again and barking, wagging her little pointy tail. Her ears were large and upright like a mouse! Steve was glad I captured the quirk of her ears, as it was not the norm for the Schnauzer breed whose ears are meant to fold over.

Jemima was only two years old and sometimes slept on the couch in the picture, so the little spotty jumpsuit was a cute reflection of that. She was such a clever, happy little thing, seeming curious and alert, enjoying being around her 'pack' as I noted her food bowl was half eaten, unusual for a dog! and Steve and Alison said that she likes eating only when they eat.

Before I left, they showed me a couple of tricks Jemima could do, and she hilariously sat, turned-around and rolled over in a split second, anticipating the commands before they were even given. And there was a low couch indoors that she could shimmy under, her little paws shuffling and drumming on the floor at superspeed as she navigated around and out to retrieve a mouse toy.

Then Steve held up the portrait to a small blank wall in between a shelf and the dark brown wood fireplace with some red and black things on it, and I was taken aback at how perfect it looked. I was so happy to see how perfectly the portrait fitted into their home, and Steve mused that it reminded him of the quirky paintings on the wall in Wallace and Gromit. :) ! Stop-motion animation, Spooky Doll Kids, need I say more! It was one of the smallest, but happiest portraits I've done.

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Steve Ball said...

Hi Rosey,
I really enjoyed this write-up of Jemima's painting and of course we love the painting!
aka Jemima's dad :)