Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Alice and Alice in Roseyland

Thankyou to everyone who looked at my above animation loop and clicked to rate it five stars. You are all shining stars to me :). I was more excited to just show anyone I knew because I haven't animated my own stuff in yonks....and ok, the rating and votes was a little exciting too and easy to get caught up in.

Alice my rabbit, steps through a hole in Wonderland and becomes Alice the girl.

Or it's Alice in wonderland, who steps through a hole and becomes the white rabbit Alice.

Who is the real Alice?

I forced out this loop on Sunday night til the wee hours of the morning to get it submitted onto Loopdeloop (scroll further down now to see mine) in time for viewing. It will be screened tonight in public at Loop bar, anyone over there when it screens, do a holler or a wolf-whistle for me will you?

This month's theme was "Down the rabbit hole". Jeeze, how could I not submit an animation for this?!! Alice my Rabbit, and Wonderland, my head had a thousand ideas. But I settled on the first one I thought of.
And then in true Rose style I left it 'til the last hour. I was still feeling lazy about animating, so Timothy Merks actually roughed out the key animation for me and did it so perfectly I had to complete it. Tim also gave me the beautiful background he was going to use for his own loop, but didnt get time to do, (because he's actually busy animating for two paid projects at the moment). 

So I dressed and cleaned up the animation with 40 drawings of Alice and Alice with my tablet in flash. Throughout the seven hours I worked on it, I realised I have never actually animated my rabbit kid characters before. And I 'm really excited and happy seeing them move around as real living cartoon kids now. I think Cat and Rabbit or Olive need the same treament for the next loopdeloop. 

A bit of info about "Loop de loop", it's run by a group of Melbourne industry peers, born out of the idea to do animation for the fun of it for oneself with friendlies, a break from work. There is a changing theme each month and all submitted/accepted loops can be viewed and rated from 1 to 5 stars. All the loops get screened at the Loop Bar in Melbourne and the highest voted loop is declared, and a new theme is chosen.

It's been going for a few months now, and I keep missing out, mostly through my own procrastination.  I mean, i looooove animating loops. I've done 'rotating rabbit jellybaby' and 'jiving orange girl' which I should add to my blog some time.


VisitorsFromDreams said...

I really enjoyed your loop, the animation was smooth and the background painting is absolutely gorgeous.

Rosey said...

Cheers! :)