Friday, 30 September 2011

Zoo Friday afternoon Perth Zoo

I went to the zoo yesterday because it was a welcome 23' sunny blue sky day break in a cold, overcast, gusty, grey Spring fortnight.

2.30pm the Cheetah was out and about, circling and walking past the glass for 15 minutes. This is the most I've ever seen it do, usually all we get is one pose and then it retires behind the long grass, or we just get a head for the rest of the time. I love how it's paws flare out like mittens at the end of it's four long, fine thouroughbred legs.

And there was a bunch of 'pretty young things'. Eight guys and girls who were loud and giddy, and one of the girls had a 50's full mid calf dress on, a straw mary poppins tapdancing like, boater's hat with a stripey green and red ribbon around it and bare feet, the girls had taken off their high heeled shoes. Her partner was a theatrical looking kid in dandy lemon yellow, tight jeans and a dapper, white shirt. One of the other guys had a vest and a scarf on with fitted, khaki slacks. I wonder what the whole group's story was? They came from some old money, private school luncheon? They are art students and just came watching from a theatre matinee?

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