Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Notty meets a Blythe

From the last post, I mentioned how I got a second Blythe that was a factory second, and she was traded on ebay from somewhere overseas. Those who don't know what Blythe dolls are, they stand at 28cm and feature a large head with large eyes that change colour and directions four times on the blink, via a pull string mechanism on the back of the head hidden under the hair. Each string pull makes the lids close and the eyes rotate to a different eye chip colour and direction inside with a loud springing and clicking noise.

Notty is a little hand-made bunny that I bought in a work fund-raiser back in Tasmania and was made by the head of design there who is also makes loads of other bunnies, elephants and cats and paintings in similar style (LittleArtyCraftyCrow). Oh look you can see one that looks like Notty! Notty's sister named Netty who migrated to New York (so the story goes in a story which I should ink up someday soon). I love Notty and I used to draw her all the time in my working out notepad at work there.

I'm sure lots of people find Blythe dolls freaky, just like Notty did.

But I think spring mechanisms, four different eye colours and directions, lollipop heads, cult popularity, radical cuteness, can't help but love it.

The Blythe factory second doll I chose in particular because of her eyes. I dont know if anyone noticed on ebay, but she had the eyes of a special release that came out a couple of years ago called "Ribbonetta Wish", which was a Hello Kitty anniversary collaboration, hence the cartoony ribbons in the outfit design, and there are special holograms of ribbons in the pink and green eyes, as well as all four eye colours being unique from the basic Blythe model. Nowadays one can't get a "Ribbonetta" blythe off ebay for less than $280 second hand.


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