Friday, 4 February 2011

Bird tug of war

Little B must have a predisposed recognition to not only be attracted to dots and black spots ie bugs, but stripes and string ie worms. It pulls on the stitching line on my clothes, and picks up wiggly thread on the floor, and it was fascinated with this stripey bedspread. It had the whole lounge room to fly around in, but it kept coming back to the bedspreadand and spent ages, just jumping all around on it, all excited.

And then when Little B found a piece of string the other day, I had some fun with it.
I think Little B won. It's got a lot of fiest and tenacity for such a little bird!

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tilcheff said...

What a fantastic series of posts, Rosey!

I've just come back from a long vacation in Europe to find out that you had unbelievable success in rescuing a fragile baby-honeyeater! That fact is truly amazing.

The critical period for survival is definitely over. Soon you'll have to decide whether to let him out or keep him. I have no knowledge about social integration of honeyeaters that grew up indoors... Hopefully you can find some information on what to expect and what the potential dangers might be.

When I was a kid in Bulgaria my granny and I found a baby crow fallen on the balcony. It was super funny, intelligent and entertaining. We succeeded in raising it. Then it joined a local flock, but kept visiting the balcony for years...

Good luck to Little B!
And you're such a good girl!