Sunday, 30 January 2011

Litle B and swimming lessons

It's been so hot for the last few days in Perth. There's some cyclone that just past in the South West, so it's been dreadfully, humid amidst the 38' days. For someone without airconditioning of any sort, it's been almost unbearable. I've taken to being like Max our dog, and lying on the cold tiles of the house, when no one's around.

Little B has the right idea.

A few days ago when I went into my room to see Little B with it's mouth slightly open and it's tongue sticking out, I gave Little B it's first swimming lesson, introducing Little B to it's own 'paddle pool'. A shallow dish with 3cm of water.   After I tapped the side of the dish and splashed the water around with my fingertips, Little B seemed to get the idea and hopped in and out quickly, nothing major.

But today Little B was jumping in and out of the water repeatedly and splashing around so much, for so long, I can't believe how many times it kept jumping back in for more! That after awhile it was standing there dripping wet, looking like someone that had gotten drenched in the rain. It was so funny and cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roseline! I can't believe you are still looking after Little B! You are doing so well. Love reading your blog. Danielle :)