Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mr January 2011

Life drawing is back on! I'm so happy :)

This is the UWA session, Monday nights, 6pm, 10 bucks, Hew Roberts Lecture theatre.

The female model didn't actually show up. So first up is our fearless leader Chris, who organises the sessions.

Then it was the back up model, Kieren, who actually came to draw,
but being a professional nude model too, he good naturedly agreed to fill in.
I found he was quite a treat to draw. My favourite bits to draw on guys has got to be the upper arm, that shoulder-bicep bit. And as usual, I'm always happiest when I get the face and hair.

Everyone should come down Monday nights and draw. Work that right side of the brain = bliss! So relaxing.
This coming Monday is a female model named Kiah who I've heard to be one of the best. Very professional, impressive looking website wouldn't you agree? Looking forward to Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for being kind on my physique with your drawings Rosey.