Thursday, 27 January 2011

Blythe factory second import

I was hunting around on ebay and found some factory second Blythe dolls that had random combinations of hair type, eye colours, and skin tone, and maybe a small fault. Two things appealed to me, 1. Something that I could take and fix up 2.They were about one third of the price of mint Blythe dolls. So now I own a few new Blythe dolls. They lie in their brown cardboard boxes waiting 'til I have some irresponsible time to start primping them.

I decided to wash the hair of one of them as her flaw seemed to be uneven, pink hairdye. She also had another flaw, a crack in the side of her scalp plate. It was like she'd been hit on the head and bagged to be sold on the black market as spare parts. Or in this case, sold with no name and shipped off to another country.

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