Monday, 24 January 2011

Walkin round inside my dream house

That 52 Grosvenor house with the Shop Front door & windows had an open house last Sunday, so I went to walk around inside it on a whim. I still can't afford even a quarter of it, and there were many interested buyers there already discussing deals with the owner. So looking at all it's sweet goodness on the inside (original fireplaces, wooden floorboards, spotless white ceramic bathroom with freestanding tub, amazing ceiling detail, and a perfect, neat, BIG, OLD TREE that perfectly shades the whole cobble bricked, two level back courtyard!) was kind of like a horse having to watch not one, but five fresh carrots being dangled in front of it, and then having to watch another horse eat up those carrots.

Then again, I'm meant to use this as motivation/visualisation power/imagery to get this dream house for real one day.

So here's a photo (photos-excuse the bad stitching) I got taken inside the shop front. It almost looks like I bought the place huh?

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