Sunday, 23 January 2011

My honeyeater likes diamonds

For the last week Little B has developed an instinct to peck at every black and white fleck that stands out. Like sun spots on the edge of leaves, bits of lint on the chair, pins on watches, the circles in the woodgrain of the coffee table...the black diamond on my ring.
Little B tried really hard to get it out!

My little friend is the boldest thief, with expensive taste.


...And that's my sparkling, new, engagement ring from my most favourite and greatest boy I know in the world :) It's new, but sort of old news now as I should have told the story when in happened last year in October! I am happy to have a fiancee and be a fiancee, and at the same time it's really hard getting used to saying it.


Jo-Ann said...

Hehe, still calling W my "fusband". Can't get used to either ...

Saname said...

Wait, you're engaged? Congrats! beautiful news .... love you, S