Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I Would Swap My Firstborn Child For This

When I was working on Dogstar three years ago at the busy Beafort St, Mount Lawley studio, I'd park my car in the nearby suburbian streets and walk past the old style houses to get to work. I loved those short walks through the quiet, older neighbourhood, and one of the special houses I liked walking past was this corner house that had a huge corner 'shop front' window with a rustic shop door in the middle. It would have been a little shop decades ago, maybe a milk deli, or a grocery store, but now the windows were covered up with butchers paper and a home was at the back, now quietly part of a residential street.

In Tasmania, the second house we rented was one of those old ones with fireplaces, and a CORNER WINDOWS in the living room and bedroom. There's something so wonderful about the way the window spans around a whole corner, made up of large iron framed panes, to peer out onto the garden from a whole 145' view. And when the sun streamed in, it was bliss to sit on the sill on a Sunday morning, or an evening, and draw or read a book, while seeing who walked by, or watch birds flittering on and off branches. I told Tim my future house MUST have a corner window or two.

So I have a thing for corner windows, and this corner shop window house, 52 Grosvenor Place in Mount Lawley, I often mused how cool it'd be to live there. How I would be able to put up my art and drawings on the glass and change it every week, so people would have something different to look at. Or I could create jellybaby scupltures and make it look like an inviting, ice-cream pastel world with my huge book collection, and have it open for kids to come in and read books. So every day I walked to work, and every end of the day I walked back to my car, and even these days when I go to Mount Lawley, I'll park there, and I admired and day-dream over this old corner shop window house.

I figured one day when it goes on sale, if ever (I couldn't think of how anyone who owned it would ever want to sell it), it would be far enough in the future that I would have made my millions from one of my storybooks, or my many ideas of my own art gallery shows.

Well, I went to pick up Tim from work yesterday, and there was a huge Real estate For Sale sign out the front of it! I yelped out loud and stared at it. And ran over to read the sign and took a photo of it. OH MY GOD it IS FOR SALE!!! 

I estimated it to be around the 800k mark...and I checked this morning, and it was exactly that. $800,000+ .... I SO CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!! :(

I'm not ready yet, I haven't become a million dollar artist yet! It can't be on sale now!

Whoever buys it probably won't even live in it. It'll be used as rental income/investment instead, and so it will be sat on and NEVER up for sale again.

I had the most niftiest plans for that house! It was my dream house.

Does anyone have a million bucks to sponser a talented artist with a wealth potential? :'(

I am going to lock myself in my room now and cry for the whole week. Maybe for the rest of the year.


Lana said...

Oh Rose, I feel for you...If I had a million dollars I'd buy it for you. Don't let go of your dream, there's every chance it will go on sale again some day and by then you could buy it. When you're rich, you can always approach the owner and offer them an astronomical amount for it...but yeah, this really sucks for you :(

Rosey said...

thanks Lana *sniffle*

Anonymous said...

I really think your ambition for the location is great Rosey.
Pity the price is beyond not only you, but most normal humans on a salary.