Friday, 14 January 2011

Ever wondered how birds sleep?

Little B.'s flying has gotten really accurate, and it can fly over to fully land on top of one high spot to another. But having said that, during the evening it got all excited and flew quickly from the top of one bookshelf to another, and then suddenly tried to land on a hanging picture frame, only to drop straight down...behind my sofa.

I can barely get my hand behind the sofa, so I couldn't pick Little B. up.
Little B. couldn't get a foot hold and chirped and struggled at the bottom, wedged between the wall and the sofa. I grabbed a stick to lower down so Little B. could grab it, but Little B. had already wormed itself accross the width of the sofa and was now behind the HUGE bookshelf.

Now there was no hope of moving the shelf quickly, or reaching it with a stick! But it was ok! because Little B. had already wiggled and tunnelled over to the opening on the other side of the bookshelf, where there was a 15cm gap til the corner of the wall and only an empty mailing tube propped up was in the way. I went to grab it, but Little B. was so fiesty, flapping it's wings and trying to fly off already and it it's frustration under the mailing tube, it went BACK IN behind the bookshelf!

Little B. chirped and tunnelled back all the way to where the sofa was, and continued all the way through the 5cm space accross the total width of the sofa again. This time I quickly shifted the drawer that was blocking that side, and I used the stick to push Little B. out.

Little B. stood in my hand with a thick, dark, grey, mass of spiderweb wrapped around it's beak and legs, it was so funny! the silly billy. I regret I didn't have my camera nearby to take a pic of it. I got the spiderwebs off quite easily with a tissue, despite Little B. protesting and struggling. It wanted to fly off again but that was well enough for tonight! I stroked it's back a few times until it calmed down, and then I put it straight back into it's cage.

I haven't mentioned before, but it's very cute when Little B. naps. It huddles down on the branch so only it's toes are showing (if at all), and it leans off to it's right side as it's head also lolls off to the right.

Before I could count to ten, Little B. was fast asleep with it's head leaning right off to the side.

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Timothy Merks said...

haha the napping is so funny!