Friday, 14 January 2011

Bird on my head.

Little B.'s flying practices have consisted so far of trying to fly onto high things like curtain rails and bookshelf edges, only to fall short and scramble for a foothold, and then ends up falling to the ground wildly flapping it's wings. Or if it aims for me, it either lands on my head, scrambling in my hair or sort of falling short of my shoulder.

But yesterday it started landing ON more things, and started flying in loops around me to touch down exactly on my shoulder, or onto the crook of my elbow, or my hand.

Today I left the room for a moment, closing the door, and when I came back I had barely opened the door, heard a 'chirp', and before I could react I saw Little B. flying straight at me and relieved that it landed right on my shoulder and not poke my eye out.

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