Thursday, 13 January 2011

Little B. likes Strawberry Jam

This morning I let Little B. out to fly after I changed the bottom of it's cage.

I then made my breakfast while Little B. sat quietly inside a branch in the cage with the door open. It seemed to watch me curiously, but it was happy to just sit there contently.

When I sat down and ate most of my breakfast, Little B. flew to the top of a ledge, scrambled at the vertical blinds, and sat on the bench, etc etc. I got my camera and then Little B. flew straight onto my plate.

I thought, "Aw. how cute!" and took a photo.


And then Little B. jumped right onto the middle of my strawberry jam toast.
Not cute! I wanted to eat that!

"Aw Little B.!!!" I yelled at it.

Then Little B. licked it a few times, and then flew away.
Over to land right next to the toaster on it's power cord.

I think it wants some toast with strawberry jam please.  

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