Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's a Jungle in there!

Day 10. I have been calling the 'baby' bird "little B." now instead of "B.B." since it's not really a baby bird anymore.

For the first week, every evening after it's final feed and flying practice, I would place it back in it's nest and rub his neck and it would get sleepy eyes and settle down. It was like tucking it into bed every night.

But the day before yesterday, Little B. kept jumping out of the nest as soon as I put it in, and then would even wriggle out of my hand and kick it's legs like crazy, before I could even place it's feet into the nest.It was like that old Donald Duck and the baby kangaroo cartoon where Donald Duck is trying to get the kangaroo into the bathtub.

So since Little B. has outgrown it's nest, today I took it out and decked out the cage with native flowers of all sorts! Heheheh, I made a visit to nearby Winthrop Piney Lakes with a pair of secateurs hidden under my arm, and a cloth bag, and got every native flower I could see.

Little B. looked pretty happy, checking out it's new plants.

I read some Australian bird identifying handbooks today at the bookshop, and I found out I definately have a Singing Honeyeater, NOT a Brown Honeyeater like I first thought. Figures, as Singing Honeyeaters are one of the most common in the South West and generally around Australia. But I love it's little chirpy singing chatter.

In the books there were photos of the Honeyeater feeding on nectar from the inside of those tubular flowers. But I watched Little B. peck and pull at the flowers from all sides on the outside, even trying to eat the petals to no avail, I tried to show it by using the metal prong I've been feeding it food with, but it still hasn't really figured out how to eat the nectar inside the tubular flowers yet.

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