Monday, 10 January 2011

Baby bird and boxes on a Sunday

B.B never ceases to come up with new tricks. Day 07 it keeps stretching it's legs out, as it stands on it's branch, like a circus acrobat, trapeze high flyer artist. Speaking of circus artists, I am absolutely bursting looking forward to this movie, "Water for Elephants" coming out way too far away.

And speaking of high flying, I let B.B out loose for his-her daily flying practise, in my newly organised work room, which was formerly my parent's small,unused, sunken lounge. So the floor to ceiling height is pretty huge. B.B. flew right up to the ceiling! and then I caught it as it came down again, as it still flies in a series of mad-flapping, parabolic curves. I was going to take it out into the backyard for some natural flying lessons on some sapling fruit trees, but I guess I can't now. I wouldn't want to lose it in the back neighbour's pool, or to the side neighbour's kelpie.

This is the best pic I could take of B.B. leg stretching, I couldn't capture the full extent, and it is much more funny looking and entertaining in real life as it'll do it repeatedly at a time. Today B.B. has also started jumping back and forth from branch to branch, and seems to be twitching and tremoring constantly, as you can see from it's tail feathers shaking. I hope it's just a natural progression of it's nervous system, and B.B. is not sick with a temperature or cold.

Now back to rearranging my rooms. I have two rooms to live in, in my parent's house. Two rooms to keep a household of things, so needless to say there have been boxes piled high of things I haven't found a spot for, and boxes I haven't bothered to unpack and have been living out of, since getting back from Tassie and Melbourne almost year ago now, cripes! Plus having watercolour paints on the floor, printer on a coffee table and scanner on the edge of my dresser, and clothing half in one room, and half in the other room, working and unwinding has been most un-zen. I won't even begin to mention my collection of cool things, which began with overcompensating for those My Little Ponies of the 80s I never got to buy when I was nine yrs old.

So far it took the whole weekend to move around 10 pieces of heavy furniture. Now I have 1 full bookcase and 2 cabinets to go, and then it's organising everything that I emptied out of all the drawers and all the things spilling out of the boxes. Everything resembles a flea market right now.

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