Saturday, 8 January 2011

Baby bird's Progression Continuation

Greeted Baby Bird (B.B) this morning of Day 6, to find it sitting happily waiting for me, on the branch at the front of the cage, on it's own, unassisted and steady!

Yesterday it couldn't grip and stay on anything and would flap it's wings like crazy, while hanging upside down, or just resorting to sitting on the ground, or on it's tail in my hand so it looked like it was sitting in a chair with it's feet out. Very cute.

So today B.B. could hop from branch to branch and stay there steadily while waiting for me to make up it's food.

I still don't know if it's a boy or girl. I tried googling it, and the only thing I found was, the male is larger in size, measured by the wing span, than the female. That doesn't help. Tomorrow I might go over to the Uni library and find a bird handbook that should comparative pictures of the male and female.

This is B.B. letting me clean it's beak with a wet cotton bud after it's eaten. The food mix has nectar in it so little bits sometimes stick to the side of the beak. Oh, Jamie bro came over and took a heap of pics with his super camera skills, so I've got these great clear shots (that also show my beautifully unkept, two week old nail polish, haha).

I was worried about B.B. bonding with me too much, in case it wouldn't want to fend for itself and be with other brown singing honeyeaters outside later on. But oh my gosh, just look at it ^ ! Plus imagine it's soft fluffballness  in your hand, and it's twittering chirpy chattering in your ear as it sits on your shoulder.

I am worried I won't be able to let B.B. back outside, to keep it forever safely by my side as my little chirpy sidekick  :o

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