Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oil portraiture: Blythe doll Tiki.

I finally got some time to pay attention to the Blythe doll I bought last Christmas.

For the last six weeks MrMerks and I have been learning oil painting at the Fremantle Arts Centre with a great master painter and teacher Peter Walker (I learnt my watercolour painting there too 10 years ago!). After the initial step by step still life painting, we could choose our own subject to paint...and I decided to bring my Blythe along to paint a canvas portrait.

So after three sittings, Tada!

I've named my Blythe "Tiki", since she resides in the Southern hemisphere, and probably hung around New Zealand rather than Hawai. Aw. I love my blythe.

But I didn't like the stock clothes she came with so I painted the dress I was actually wearing one of the days, onto her. And I actually like the painting of her during week 2, better than the completed one with the fine detail (well as fine detail as one can get with a 1cm thick brush).

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Adria said...

Wow, that is an impressive oil painting from someone who hasn't been doing it long, or even for someone who had.

I concur on Blythe doll's clothes. She usually has such great fashion sense too! Must be because she is living in Australia. :)