Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Blythe for Christmas

A few years ago I learnt about these interesting dolls in 1972 that had big heads, and with a pull of a string on the back of their heads, the eyes would rotate and change between four different eye colours and directions. They only came out for two years and then were discontinued because they were deemed too scarey for little girls. Too ahead of their time I guess.
In 1997-2001 the doll caught the attention of some key people...I won't paraphrase the story, you can read about it here: the official Blythe dolls long story short, the company Takara now makes them in new models and colours every few months and they are now quite the collector's item amongst the artistic-adults/girls-at-heart crowd. They are so photogenic they are especially fun to make clothes for, and pose and share on blythe doll Flickr groups.

I don't know where I got this pic from, but I probably saved it because we share the same hair and beauty spot.

Now that I've settled back at home, I've suddenly remembered these Blythe dolls and have been on a secret (my loved ones would frown at me getting anything else that might start a new hobby, they don't understand, this is BLYTHE!), research mission to get one. It's too late now, I've ordered a BLYTHE and it is on it's way from Japan! Yippee!

I chose this one because it is one of only three models released ever that has tanned skin! And also ALL FOUR of her eye shades are special colours. This one was a colaboration with a Hawai'i design-brand and the model is called "Manuheali’i Paradise Girl". I've found most of the blythe dolls have terrible stock names like 'Happy Harbour', and "Simply Thumpty Thump", blegh! I wonder when a real dark skinned blythe will come out? I would love one that has a thick, curly, afro and chocolate skin, wouldn't that be cool? I'm surprised it hasn't been done already, as the new blythe releases are starting to look like repeats of past years dolls.

Can't wait to get mine! I'm so excited, I'm like Calvin waiting for his propellor hat to come in the mail.

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Timothy Merks said...

if you scroll up and down the page the blythe doll blinks