Tuesday, 22 March 2011

E cuniculi, Coccidia, head tilt, hind leg paresis and diarrhoea in rabbits.

I'm a full bottle on E Cuniculi. Alice was suffering from head tilt three weeks ago and the vet diagnosed her with a later stage damage by the pathogen E.cuniculi. She got better immediately after daily "Panicur" doses that I had to feed into her mouth everyday. But now, she's got bad again. Her hind limbs have stopped working right, giving way under her, and she has to drag herself about. And the head tilt is starting again.   

E Cuniculi is a parasite that attacks and damages renal and nerve endings, affecting the rabbit's brain, and rear limbs. A lot of rabbits carry the parasite, and never show any adverse affects or damage their whole lives. Others like Alice, might need to get medication every three months for the rest of their lives! Apparently. That's what the vet told me. But after doing my own research, I am now 100% sure that I can use this other drug "Toltrazuril", commonly on the shelf as Baycox (drug company/product name). This drug is newer, cheaper, with no side affect of liver damage (panicur acts like a mild radiation therapy), and seems to give total recovery from head tilt and hind limb paresis. It is actually used in agriculture for cattle, piglets, fancy prize cat owners, race horses, and even pidgeon breeding to cure Coccidiosis, which is another parasite that causes diahrrea symptoms. Baycox or Toltrazuril blitzes the Coccidiosis. Alice has had this poo problem for years and vets keep giving me different diagnosis and treatments that have yet to work. If only I researched this earlier myself.

I found it can be bought over the counter here (Baycox) and here (Toltrazuril). I could even get Panicur myself from the UK. But just be careful to research the right dosage if you're buying the horse/cattle concentrated Baycox. If you aren't good with ml's and concentrations, do go to a vet.  I already ordered a 200ml bottle online from Queensland. But that is going to take at least 5 days. Alice is getting pretty bad, so I made an appointment anyway with the rabbit vet just in case there is something that could be done...she says that they will give Alice an ultrasound since the Panicur medication is not working....

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