Tuesday, 22 March 2011

She-ra and her horse

MrMerks and a friend from Melbourne, Grimshaw, decided to make this week super hero/villain week: draw one's favourite comicbook superhero or supervillain every day of the week. Since I never read any super comic books, I am going to draw some heroes and villains from my primary school days.

First one of course, is She-ra! There's probably some intelligent essay I could write about for this blog post regarding strong, female, cartoon hero role models in the 80s television....like how there are so many more male superhero cartoons. Or how nowadays girls just have Justin Bieber...

But I have spent most of the day worrying, and researching about head tilt and hind limb paresis in rabbits so that's all I'm thinking about right now....*

Back to She-ra and her horse. I drew them as I'd imagine what they'd look like during off time between takes. I don't know why. She-ra's thinking "I have the best job, getting to ride a pseudo Unicorn/pegasus everyday." The horse is probably thinking, "Where are my wings?". I forgot to draw it's wings.


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