Thursday, 2 December 2010

Timday again

It was Tim's birthday the other day. A young 30-something. And something I didn't get around to show anyone last year, was this painting I did for him when he had his birthday in Melbourne. It's titled "Timday". Based off that Calvin and Hobbes scene where Calvin is standing on his chair cheering in his own day-dream 'Calvin Day' street parade for getting an A grade. It's got all (but one) of Tim's created film characters and a few of mine to make up the crowd. 

Excuse the reflection off the glass. I'll try and get a better photo later.

I wasn't able to top that present this year, but what I didn't do in handpainting, I made up with rocky road and lemon cheese cupcakes I bought at a Market of Original & Handcrafted held at UWA on the weekend. The cupcakes were so good we felt like we couldn't eat any cake for the rest of the month.

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