Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My favourite past time these days

Life drawing. In fact it's my most favourite thing to do since coming back to Perth. I've been to the random one here and there, but I've found a regular, consistant one, every Monday evening over at the architecture campus of UWA. Most life drawing is monthly, so I LOVE that this one is weekly, AND it alternates between male and female models every week.

I've even turned down drinks with my girlfriends to go to life drawing, and when I've had a really bad day I find myself wishing there was a life drawing session that evening. When I've finished each portrait so far, I've felt a bit like I've crossed the finish line of a 30km cross country run, and I look forward to the life drawing session as my chillout reward.

Clean black lines on white paper, the quietness of the room, the stillness of the model, the only loud sounds being the other artists' marker or pencil colouring in on paper.

I love drawing those clean lines that make up the bicep, the calf, the waist. And I like the freedom to really observe and scrutinise detail. What makes a person into a character? Most of all I love drawing the face, hands and feet the best. so much fun.

So I thought I'd start sharing all the last sessions I've been to, and I'll keep it kiddy safe. It's all about the face, hands and feet and beautiful single lines anyway for me.

Life drawing every Monday 6pm (be setup by 5.50pm though)-830pm,  (but there's a break over Dec)
Hew Roberts seminar room, $10.
Organised by/person of contact Christopher Markle

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