Friday, 3 December 2010

Zoo Friday the third

Our third zoo trip was actually on Friday Dec 3rd, I will tweak the date later.
This time round we spent a lot of time on the parrots! I lurve drawing parrots, they have SO much personality and cheek, and always look like they're smiling.

The Australian Cockatoos were great to draw. I loved the way they all sat in a row all higgledy piggledy on the long branches. I will do paintings of them in hats and bowties!

The "Major Mitchell's" were so gorgeous, I loved their rosy cheeks and tear shaped feather crests, I never knew we had such a species of Cockatoo.

Got to draw the lions this time along the way. I love drawing them. Unfortunately the big, old, droopy, funny lion I drew five years ago had passed away (well so the volunteer information guide assumed). The Willy Wagtails are fearless and we saw them venture right close, back and forth and around the lioness. Did it bother the lioness? Not really, because we saw a dead flattened one nearby, so the lioness has no problems getting rid the bird if she did get annoyed.

Those squirrels weren't actually in the lions enclosure, they were around the zoo cafe tables when we started out day with a coffee.

There's something so special about seeing a boy Blue Wren! They are one of my most favourite Australians birds. So fluorescent blue against the green and brown Australian scrub. But I couldn't capture his funny, adorable shape. He was like a fuzzy lollipop zipping about.

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