Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fish and chips weather




What's a long weekend without going to down the to beach? Well it was a touch too cold to swim, but my girl friend and I hadn't been to Cottesloe since the start of the Spring weather so we just HAD to spend the whole late afternoon to evening there, watching the sun set, drinking coffee by a fantastic intimate bar called "il lido" that has risen in place of my old favourite (now three years ago since I was away from Perth) Tropicanna cafe. il lido is...well I think the photos I took can describe it better than I can write. There is also a larger but also intimate, fine restaurant on the other side. I'll have to try it one day...

We then went a few doors over to grab some fish and chips take away. Nothing like driving home with the smell of vinegar on beer battered chips, wrapped in butcher's paper, piping hot.

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