Friday, 8 October 2010


Last weekend I joined a group of local artists/comic artist peers at FTI for the annual 24 hour comic challenge. The event is a lockdown type thing, firstly for our own safety as who knows what Fremantle folk might wander in if the doors are unlocked.  Secondly the lockdown thing is just to encourage the whole vibe, peer support and challenge of the event.

So I felt pretty poor when I (as subtly as I could) packed up my things and snuck off after 12 hours and drove home. I started off great in the beginning, and thumbed out a whole fantastic, colourful, neon-filled story about three jellybaby rocker gals called Soda, Pop and Jam! But the great visualness I could see in my head was so amazing that I geuss I psyched myself out and my drawing got slower and slower, so that by the 10 hour mark I had done two pages. TWO PAGES. Mostly everyone around me had done ten. Someone who was struggling had done six.

There was no way I was going to be seen with only two pages. So I left.
Yes, I will finish my story because look at the girls, they're so cute!

The Soda Pop Jam story will have to wait though, because at the moment I have a very special portrait I am working on. "Dominic and Luigi" the black poodles, my first official comissioned pet portrait! I am so excited, I'm scared down to my cold toes, that I am procrastinating instead of beginning. Ok. Calm down. Pep talk. pep talk.

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i love this! it's so cool.