Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Taboo preparing for Peru

I've been asked why I'm putting real photos behind my characters (?).

Well if I had gone to Peru, I would have taken my family of characters there too. And I would have come back from the trip with photos of them there. You know like the Spooky Doll Kids on a Llama, Max trying on a traditional headdress etc etc. But since I didn't win that trip to Peru, I've had to settle for standing my characters in front of the peru Photos in a book I have.

And anyway, aesthetically a photo makes a cool background, I like doing that. I like the look of a real world with my cartoon characters in it, you know, like Roger Rabbit.

If you still don't get it, on a technical note: There are twenty five characters already predrawn, because that was my ploy to win the competition. Instead of writing 25 words, I was going to send in a drawing of 25 of my characters speaking a word each in a speech bubble, saying to "please send us to Peru and we'll come back with a story to show everyone". But since I didn't send my entry in, I'm putting the drawings here.

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