Monday, 23 August 2010

Max Maxy Maximillion!

This is Max the terrier cross. He's such a good sport. He politely takes anything I make him wear.

When I was in Melbourne last year, I got a phone call from Roland that went like this:

"Hi Roseline, hey what do you think if we got Mum a dog?"

"Oh I don't think Mum really likes dogs."


"Yeah, she's always said she doesn't want one."

"Well she might say that, but if we just gave her one, she'd probably like it wouldn't she?"

"Aw I don't think so, I don't think it'd be a good idea Rol."

"Well we picked one up from the RSPCA today. He's in the car right now and we're on our way to Mum's to give it to her".


Mum didn't know what to do with Max the dog and would call me and say that the dog is sitting there looking at her and she doesn't know what to do. When I came back to Perth to live at home, I wasn't sure how I'd be with Max, as I was sure I was not a dog person either. I dislike their slobbery mouths, the way they do huge stinky poos out in the open, and lick and sniff gross things...And they're so rough, they bite and growl! Dogs are not quiet and self preening and cleaning like rabbit and cats.

But very quickly Max became my new friend and most favourite dog, I love him! He's very thoughtful and funny at the same time, and absoutely silent, he never barks! I don't mind when he licks my hand, I clean up after him when poos out on his walks, but I yanked him away when he licked a post once that had a (wee) mark on it and said "THAT'S DISGUSTING MAX!". I don't even mind when big dogs bound up to me now when I go for walks, because I recognise the way they look, it's the same as Max. Happy! Curious! Play! and so I almost slap my thighs and say Hello there! Wanna tackle a ball?!. Only I don't because I'd probably get a huge lick on the face, which I still think is gross. My mum loves Max too, although she is still absolutely not a dog person.

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BlackCrow said...

He's a bunny in a dog suit!
Hi Rosie!!