Friday, 20 August 2010

My travel wishlist: Peru

I saw this competition by 'Global cafe's' ground coffee (in all good supermarkets, go buy it, it's fantastic coffee) a month ago to win a trip to Peru touring the Machu Pichu trail and visiting a fairtrade coffee plantation. I've always wanted to go to Peru! and I LOVE fairtrade coffee! It's the only coffee I'll buy.

It was a 25 words-or-less-judged only-on-creativty competition and I came up with the best idea. I was SO SURE I WAS GOING TO WIN.

I read up on Cuzco, so I knew what weather to expect during different seasons of the year, and what the local crime is like, what to be wary of, what to bring, what not to bring, I even decided what month I'd take the prize trip. I was positive I WAS GOING TO PERU on this amazing guided adventure.

...Only I ended up missing the last day of entry. So there goes my trip to Peru.

The plan was, I could take all my characters there with me, and I would come back with a sketchbook full of stories and authentic experiences of Peru and fairtrade coffee. I could draw a whole storybook about their amazing adventures in Peru and showcase to kids (and adults) the wonders of a fairtrade coffee plantation.

Since I started drawing all my characters in Peruvian outfits, they will have to settle for posing in front of my "Pilgrim" coffee table book that has amazing photos of a festival in the Peruvian Andes, taken by this amazing japanese photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi.

There's 24 more characters to come, so check back on Monday, I cross my heart and promise to post. The next one is a new little friend of mine, a brand new addition to the family.

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