Saturday, 9 May 2009

What Beatniks Chicks Do in May

In May as the wind gets chills
the Beatnik Chicks stow-away from the hills
down to the city, they pick n' nick hats
and sit back on cushions watching bats
They like to eat lollie-pops
and lounge 'til they see cops
leaving the stolen hats on their heads
they'll snuggle back home in their warm chickadee beds

I came up with this group of characters, an "all girls hangout club" while I was in Tasmania, hence the hills reference. I have heard that it is common for bats to be seen flying overhead around the city at dusk. Especially around the magnificent Botanical Gardens. My friend took a snapshot of one in the sky flying overhead once to show me. I have yet to spot one and look forward to it. I remember back in Zoology class, one of our old Proffessor's research speciality was bats, and he brought a small one in to show us. It was an amazing little thing to see. Very fragile and delicate, trembling as it was brought out of it's little calico bag. Yet 'sharp' and fuzzy at the same time. Nature amazes and impresses me.

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